How To Deal With Illegal Roadblocks
Aug 24th, 2013 by james

“Sir would you pull over there?”
“Nah, no thanks. I’d like to go on my way.”

I love this.. there is no credible reason for “check points”.. and they are illegal.
its very simple:
“Am I being detained? No, then I’m free to go? I’m not free to go? Then I need to know on what grounds I am being detained.”
You can go in circles for a while like this lol

Texas is Really Friendly
Aug 24th, 2013 by james

Wow, that was unexpected.

Dildo Photobombs a Press Conference
Aug 24th, 2013 by james

I’d like to believe that this is in response to Russia’s retarded anti-homosexual laws, but it actually happened in 2008 and the speaker is a great chess player who is also a social activist, so it’s just pure lulz.

Why Can’t I Use My Phone on the Plane?
Aug 24th, 2013 by james

EVERY FUCKING TIME I FLY. I don’t turn that shit off, I just put it down for a bit. Because, that’s bullshit.

Inequality Among Monkeys
Apr 25th, 2013 by james

Children are also like this.

Boston Marathon Family Guy
Apr 16th, 2013 by james

OMG, Seth McFarlane is going to hell lol.

Although, apparently the episode aired a month ago, so someone must have done an edit. Seth’s still going to hell.

I should add that I think it’s a damn shame what happened there, but there is always a chance that some sociopath is going to do some damn stupid thing and there always will be no matter how hard they lock down security. We don’t have long on this Earth, enjoy the time you have.

Jessica WIlliams on Pubic Lice
Apr 16th, 2013 by james

This is the best bit I’ve seen in a while. Unfortunately Comedy Central makes it impossible to share this kind of thing properly if you live in Canada, so if you DO live in Canada, go to and then skip to the end of the video to watch the second bit.

If you’re in the states, it’s

And here’s a cam version if you don’t want to sit through it all

Lazyboy – Underwear Goes Inside The Pants
Apr 16th, 2013 by james

Legalize weed god dammit.

Angry Husband Confronts Abortion Protesters
Apr 9th, 2013 by james

This is what happens when you judge people without knowing their circumstances.

Jim Carrey Is Awesome
Mar 26th, 2013 by james

…. this video gave me an acid flashback.

Aaaaand here’s Fox News with some “Fair and Balanced” coverage:

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