A Day Made of Glass
Mar 15th, 2013 by james

Man I say this all the time, but WE LIVE IN THE FUCKING FUTURE!!!!

Notice how the shit that’s coming out now was hardly imagined a few years ago? AMAZING.

WHy is it we can be so goddamn clever and yet are self destructing? It doesn’t make sense.

Watch these and have your fucking mind blown away.

Now, if that all seems impossible, here is a commercial from 1993. The impossible dreams of 20 years ago are ridiculously more advanced than they imagined already. Watch.

Google Glass
Mar 14th, 2013 by james

Well, fuck. We live in the future. Now we can watch porn in church. Now the government can hack in and see through your own eyes. Now our eyes can go all out of focus rather than looking away.

TRIPPY. We are living in a Philip K. Dyck novel.

UFO Compilations
Feb 25th, 2013 by james

It’s been a little while since I found anything worth posting, but this is a pretty good compilation of some of last year’s sightings.

Near Miss and Near Hit
Feb 15th, 2013 by james

Hey guys – did you know that an asteroid big enough to create an extinction event is going to pass between the earth and the moon in the next few hours? Closer than some satellites even? That’s like having a bullet pass between your arm and your chest.

And, apparently a coincidence, a meteor actually touched down in Russia injuring hundreds of people. I’m surprised that it is a coincidence because at 50 meters the asteroid DA14 that is about to pass us has a significant gravity that will pick up lots of debris which will tag along in the gravitational slip stream, but apparently the Russian meteor had a North-South trajectory, whereas DA14 is moving South-North.

What “2012” Really Means
Dec 27th, 2012 by james

Since December 21st was the most long awaited day in all human history, and since we are all still here (as predicted), for those of you who don’t know anything about the actual predictions for that fabled day, I’ll begin with my FB status from December 20th:

Today is the second most anticipated day in all recorded history. Think about that. It is a new year’s eve that comes only once every 26,000 years. Tomorrow is not the end of the world, the Mayans didn’t predict the end of the world. They predicted cataclysms – and in case you hadn’t noticed, we have those. That’s all. Their calendar, like ours, is cyclic. It is the end of a cycle, an important astronomical cycle, as our solar system crosses the galactic plane’s zero point. The peak point of some 400 billion stars combined gravitational interaction. We have been crossing it for some time now, but by this time tomorrow our star, Sol, will be more on the other side of the galaxy than on this one. The sun is literally rising after a 26,000 year night. What better time to make a positive change in your life? In the world? If you can make a new year’s resolution to acknowledge the passing of 365 days, why not make one to acknowledge the passing of almost ten million days? Direct your energy towards positivity, nobody on Earth will ever have a better opportunity.


Their calendar just “ended”.. but notice that it is a CIRCLE:

Just like the calendar on your wall stops at December, January will come regardless of if you’ve made it to your insurance agent to get your free 2013 calendar. It is a CYCLICAL calendar.

As a matter of fact, the Mayan long count calendar, despite the funny words used to describe the components, makes far more sense than our own current calendar, which is based on arbitrary dates.

The Y2K was a bust – no kidding, the only crisis that was presented to us was of our own creation, of outdated computer chips shitting the bed when the arbitrary date rolled over from 99 to 00. The fact is, the metrics of our years are entirely arbitrary – they have no basis in events external to our culture.

Whereas, the Mayan calendar is based entirely on events which are independent to our human events – the cycles of the sun across the galactic plane and other incredibly big in contrast to our animal struggles.

You don’t have to believe in Astrology to find significance in this. In fact, the Mayans were uncanny astronomers and inexplicably scientific, especially given that they were effectively jungle savages without the benefit of the longview which our current state of technology affords us.

For example, how the actual fuck were they able to figure out these events which take thousands of years to pass a single cycle? Science is generally run via observation, hypothesis, further observation, refinement of hypothesis, experiment, observation… and so on (cyclically, if you will). So for a bunch of tribesmen living in the jungles of modern day Mexico, how did they see the cycles? We can see the cycles of the seasons by living through them, but these cycles are longer than any single established human culture.

So forget about the Astrological component. We know that the moon – our tiny moon, which is a fraction of the size of our Earth, which is a fraction of the size of our sun, which is but one of HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS in the galaxy, has the capacity to move the seas daily and on closer passes somehow manages to interfere with our collective psyches so predictably that police forces and emergency rooms staff extra people do deal with full moon chaos.

Surely, if something so small can have such an effect on us, then why is it such a leap to believe that passing the galactic plane, with its combined force of hundreds of BILLIONS of stars could have an effect as well?

Our galaxy is kind of flat. We look at it edgewise, and it appears thus:

We know from looking at other galaxies that in a full three dimensions it probably looks something like this:

A neighboring galaxy, “Andromeda” (M31) which is incidentally about 20% bigger than our own “Milky Way” galaxy, itself some 100,000 light years across.

The stars are grouped along what is called the “galactic plane” such that the galaxy appears in a generally flattened disc because at the galactic core (the center) there is a super massive black hole spinning with a high rate of angular momentum, and it has flattened out (like if you spin a slab of clay very fast). That means that the combined gravitational force of the core is holding the galaxy together at enormous distance. Again, I can’t stress enough how fantastically huge these distances and therefor the force holding it together is: a radius of 50,000 light years means that it takes light, moving at almost 300,000KM/SECOND takes 50,000 human years to travel from the core to us.

Honestly, our puny human brains can barely abstract it.

Oh but NOTHING HAPPENED right? Again, these scales are not on the levels humans generally comprehend. That single day of December 21st isn’t some magical day when everything happens. It is a bell curve – a very large bell curve – and we have been under the influence of its effects for many years.

Just as you age slowly but celebrate your birthday, our solar system has been “aging” across the galactic plane. The day you turn 30 is just another day, you’re not suddenly mysteriously older and more mature, yet somehow when you compare yourself with being 20, or 10, you see how much you have grown.

And, our civilization has without a doubt grown.

The past few hundred years have been the most fantastically advancing time in all our billions of years of evolution.

Even just a couple thousand years ago – hardly a blink of an eye in biologically evolutionary standards – we were savages scraping out an existence in the dirt. And today, we are communicating at this moment via esoteric methods which would have seemed like utter magic to our ancestors.

There is absolutely no debate on the fact that this moment in human history is absurdly advanced. Not just technologically, but in the realms of understanding the meaning behind the universe and how it functions. Sure, we are still at times cruel and disgusting creatures, but the fact is that there is a far higher level of awakened consciousness today than at any other point in known history.

December 21st was just another slightly overcast winter day here on Planet Earth. And yes, it was the most annoying day in Facebook history – in fact, I didn’t even go on it, save to say I was heading to the Center of the Universe (a story which I will post later).

It was annoying because, again, people who don’t know anything about something felt compelled to espouse how stupid people were for thinking something.

Here’s one of my friends’ status from that day:

So, all you believers in the Mayan End-of-the-World prediction feeling like idiots yet?

Or do you have some explanation of why it could still happen in the next 50 years and nobody ever said the 21st was THE day that you’re desperately clinging to so you don’t have to feel like a dumbass for being tricked by yet another end of the world prediction?

People who spout off about things without knowing anything about it, whatever the “it” may be, are idiots.

They saw the movie “2012” and figured that’s what the Mayans predicted and therefor anything associated with December 21 2012 was garbage.

In formal logic, this is known as the Fallacy of the Straw Man. Basically, you say something about something that has nothing to do with that something then disprove it therefor that something is retarded. Unfortunately, it just makes you look retarded.

Science – REAL science – is the pursuit of truth, wherever it may lead you. It is the hunt for actual truth, without a disposition towards one outcome or the other. It means investigating all possibilities and applying the scientific process to it.

Many great scientists have been laughed at because their ideas did not conform with societal “norms” but which in time have proven to be correct. One can not dismiss possibilities out of hand without first investigating them.

The simple facts are that there is a LOT of REALLY UNUSUAL SHIT happening in the world. In our cultures, in our technology, to the planet itself. A very plausible explanation is that the power of 400 billion combined suns gravitational force and radiation is triggering as yet unknown processes in our earth, in our individual psyches and in our collective human consciousness.

At least, take it as a possibility, and seek your OWN truth. Keep an open mind and investigate. Learn. Don’t just sit there espouse an opinion which has absolutely no basis in fact. The world as your television reports it is not the sum totality of existence. If you are still reading, you probably already know that, so go and wake the others.

There will never be a better time to make a positive change.

Now, here’s a good primer to help you get a bit of a deeper understanding.

And if you wanna get a little more esoteric, here’s an interesting message from Headquarters?

Demand Celebrities Go Fuck Themselves
Dec 27th, 2012 by james

Oohhhh but I do love it when people get called on their bullshit. A little clip mashup showing the hypocriacy of hollywood…

Ghost City
Dec 6th, 2012 by james

Ok, so a fucking GHOST CITY HAS MANIFESTED in some fucking place in China. Like, seriously. Seriously? WHAAT?


It’s not even an isolated incident. Seriously what the actual fuck.

To quote my good friend Eru,

“Parallel goddamns starting to fuck all over their shit till their balls are like “WAT.””

Facebook Law for Idiots
Nov 27th, 2012 by james


Hot Chicks Lighting Farts
Nov 14th, 2012 by james


Rick Mercer on Chinese Trade Agreement
Nov 10th, 2012 by james

Fuck tha police.

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