I Discovered Even More Than Before, Now You Can Stop Imagining
Sep 29th, 2013 by james

Did you know that I’m also a Producer/DJ? My latest album, “I Discovered Even More Than Before, Now You Can Stop Imagining” is available at all the digital retailers (iTunes, Beatport, etc) but it’s also a free download at Soundcloud:

We put together a little psychedelic video for your listening/viewing pleasure. :)

It’s a little downtempo, trip-hop, illbient, ambient, drum n bass, breakbeat, edm, experimental, dubforms … whatever.

Inequality Among Monkeys
Apr 25th, 2013 by james

Children are also like this.

High On Meth and Shopping at Walmart
Apr 23rd, 2013 by james


WTF are pinchers anyway?

Woman Gives Accurate Description of Hail Storm
Mar 27th, 2013 by james


I Discovered Even More Than Before, Now You Can Stop Imagining
Mar 25th, 2013 by james

This is my site, so imma gonna spam my new mix. All original creations by yours truly. Trip hoppy chillout experimental electronica. Gogogo.

A Day Made of Glass
Mar 15th, 2013 by james

Man I say this all the time, but WE LIVE IN THE FUCKING FUTURE!!!!

Notice how the shit that’s coming out now was hardly imagined a few years ago? AMAZING.

WHy is it we can be so goddamn clever and yet are self destructing? It doesn’t make sense.

Watch these and have your fucking mind blown away.

Now, if that all seems impossible, here is a commercial from 1993. The impossible dreams of 20 years ago are ridiculously more advanced than they imagined already. Watch.

The Knife Game
Mar 15th, 2013 by james

Thank you, that’s exactly how I feel about it…

Google Glass
Mar 14th, 2013 by james

Well, fuck. We live in the future. Now we can watch porn in church. Now the government can hack in and see through your own eyes. Now our eyes can go all out of focus rather than looking away.

TRIPPY. We are living in a Philip K. Dyck novel.

Camero Test Drive
Mar 14th, 2013 by james

I always wanted to do this. Fuck yeah.

How to Stop Cats Forever
Mar 4th, 2013 by james

The next from my favorite Australian cat terrorist.

Hilarity ensues.

“A mushroom cloud of friend descends upon the back yard..”

In case you missed the first, here it is:

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