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March 10th, 2009 by james

Hi, my name is James and this is my blog dedicated to all the wonderfulness, weirdness and downright crazy shit I never would have seen if it weren’t for my interwebnets.This site started in 2009 because I needed to keep a public bookmarks list so that when I went to show someone something funny, interesting or stupid that I found online, I didn’t have to remember or re-follow the strange and twisted path which had led me to it.

Did you know that there are over 72 hours of shit uploaded to Youtube every SINGLE FUCKING MINUTE!? It gets hard to keep up mang.

So, I registered the domain and parked it at my host (I already had a hosting account, as I’m a composer too and run

I don’t represent anyone but myself. There’s no political angle but my own. If you think something I posted is lame, then don’t come back. If you don’t like my opinion, good for you, now go pound sound. I’m deliberately obscene at times, because, fuck you that’s why. This is where I can be me, crude and all, and I run this place like a Dark Overlord – no appeals necessary. Not all my content is like this, but it’s how I am here on TYI.

It’s not really for kids (I know MY kids aren’t allowed to come to this site, although I show them SOME of the videos I end up posting on here), and if you are any kind of parent you will supervise your children as I do and not allow them into inappropriate places; I can’t be held responsible for your shortcomings as parents. No doubt I’m on all sorts of filter lists, about which I don’t give a flying fuuuuuuuuuuck.

About me? I’m 30 something. I have several children and I write music and poetry and have degrees in Philosophy and English (so yes, please consider henceforth any bad grammar or spelling is quite deliberate), I like long walks on the beach and kittens and holding hands and laughing at farts. Sometimes, when I have a bath, if I have to fart I’ll hover my hairy ass right at the water line so it makes a really awesome sound and lots of bubbles – like a jacuzzi. It’s awesome.

You don’t have to sign up to comment, but comments require my approval because 99% of it is butthurt botspam.

Namaste, bitches.

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